Our approach


The styling department forms the creative heart of Jomo Fashion. Our team of 15 experienced designers is always up-to-date on the latest international trends, and designs our collections for babies, children, women and men perfectly tailored to your market segment and private label.

Every season, Jomo once again presents hundreds of its own designs in our showrooms in Enschede. The clothing that ultimately makes it way to retailers is the result of co-creation. Our sales and styling specialists put together the perfect collection for you and then adapt it with smart creative and technical modifications to fully meet your preferences and price level.


Our product managers are an important link in the relation with our customers. They take care of the complete private label-proces, from designing till delivery. They design, together with our stylists, innovative collections en keep in contact with other departments within Jomo to secure a correct delivery. The product managers keep up with the latest fasiontrends by visiting shows, shops and international fashioncity's. Next to that, the product managers are the point of contact for new (international) customers. They can tell more about the way we work or the collections we design.


The merchandisers are a crucial link in the organization between the customer and the production. They have a great deal of contact with customers and are seeing our customers verry frequent. The merchandisers are responsible for monitoring the entire production process, from sampling, grades, labdips, fits, delivery times to the final product. All this to guarentee  the correct delivery to the customer. 


Our technicians are responsible for all technical specifications of our designs. This includes the setting up of measurement plans, the implementation of corrections to fits and the elaboration of constructions.


The buying department is responsible for placing orders with suppliers worldwide. They take the expertise of the suppliers, delivery time and costprice in account. In addition, they are constantly looking for new developments and suppliers with the required compliance levels. 


Jomo meets the needs of its international customers in every possible way. This also includes logistics management. We have sole control over the logistics supply chain and monitor every step, from manufacturer to customer. We only work with parties that, like us, are AEO-certified.

Jomo operates its own 2.200m2 customs warehouse in Hengelo, the Netherlands, with a sophisticated storage system (in collaboration with Combi Terminal Twente, Hengelo). This enables us to deliver both domestically and internationally in any format that is required, depending on the best option for you, our customer.


New customers are often surprised by the high quality delivered by Jomo at affordable prices. For years, many international retailers have considered a partnership with Jomo a unique opportunity to complete their product range or raise it to a higher level.

Our quality manager in Enschede uses our extensive quality manual and the requirements of individual customers as guidelines to monitor quality, colour and sizing during the various stages of production. In all of our countries of production, our quality controllers (QCs) periodically visit the workshops and factories and inspect all clothing regularly during the production process until shipping. To guarantee quality and reliability, we work together closely with certified testing agencies such as SGS, Bureau Veritas and Intertek.


As a fashion company, we are fully aware of the tremendous responsibility both we and our customers have for the conditions under which people work for us. We carefully select the companies we work with abroad and lay out clear requirements for working conditions, working environment, environmental aspects and use of chemicals and dyes.

Our companies Y’Organic, Coconette and Protex are members of the BSCI, an organisation that is committed to improving the working conditions of workers worldwide. As a signatory to the Accord on Fire & Building Safety in Bangladesh, Y’Organic also actively works together with European fashion companies to implement structural improvements to safety in Bangladeshi textile factories and workshops.


Around the world, our purchasing supervisors, quality controllers and compliance managers guarantee consistent quality, compliance with applicable regulations and smooth logistics. The supervision and monitoring of our activities in the Far East has been in the capable hands of our own buying office in Dhaka, Bangladesh for more than 25 years. The several dozen Jomo quality controllers employed there ensure that you as our customer get the quality you seek.

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